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Muhurta is an important part of astrology which tells about the success or failure of any work being done at the present time. If any work is done in an auspicious time, then its result also comes in an auspicious form accordingly. On the contrary, the result of the work done in an inauspicious time also comes in an inauspicious form accordingly.

The meaning of the word “Muhurta” is taken from the Vedic Time itself, from a fixed period of time i.e. 2 ghadi or 48 minutes. The work done in auspicious time is fruitful. The work done in an inauspicious time leads to destruction. This is the basic concept of Muhurta to determine auspicious or inauspicious. The basis of astrology is to determine the future of every work or event at the time of its occurrence by the ascendant and planetary position etc. When a child is born, the planetary position at that time determines its future. Similarly, the time when any action- reaction is done, the planetary position of that time is the regulator of success-failure.

If we see from an esoteric point of view, the ideological basis of Native and Muhurta is the same. When Marriage, House-Building, House-Inauguration, Business, travel etc. are done, then the planetary position of that time determines the future happiness or sorrow of that work or event. So, Muhurta help us in taking the best decision in present time for ensuring the success of that decision in future. In modern time, Muhurta help us in deciding the initiating time of any work or event so that concerned work can be done successfully. Muhurta is widely used today in various kind of work or we can say almost any kind of work, like “Grih Pravesh, Neev Sthaapana, Vyapar Prarambh, Vahan Kraya, Namkaran Sanskar, Jalwa Poojan, Mundan Sanskar, Vivah Sanskar, Sagai, Yatra, Shapath Grahan” etc.

Muhurta Amount
Home Inaugration / गृह प्रवेश ₹ 1101
Foundation of Home / नींव स्थापना ₹ 1101
Business Inaugration / व्यापार प्रारंभ ₹ 501
Buying a Vehicle / वाहन क्रय ₹ 501
Namkaran Sanskar / नामकरण संस्कार ₹ 501
Jalwa / कुआँ पूजन ₹ 501
Mundan Sanskar / जडूला ₹ 501
Prasuti Sutika Snann / प्रसूति सूतिका स्नान ₹ 501
Chuda Dharan Muhurta / चूड़ा धारण मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Dev Pratishtha / देव प्रतिष्ठा ₹ 501
Vivah Sanskar / विवाह संस्कार (Click here) ₹ 1100
Engagement / सगाई (Click here) ₹ 501
Ganesh Nimantran Muhurta / गणेश निमंत्रण मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Sankdi Bindayak Muhurta / तेल-बान मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Bride Entering Muhurta / वधु प्रवेश मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Dviragman Muhurta / मुकलावा मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Travel Muhurta / यात्रा मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Grah Shanti Havan / ग्रह शांति हवन ₹ 501
Vastu Shanti Muhurta / वास्तु शांति मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Vidhyaarambh Sanskar / विद्यारम्भ संस्कार ₹ 501
Annaprashan Sanskar / अन्नप्राशन संस्कार ₹ 501
Upnayan Sanskar / उपनयन संस्कार ₹ 501
KarnaVedha Sanskar / गर्भाधान संस्कार ₹ 501
Punsavan Sanskar / पुंसवन संस्कार ₹ 501
Seemantonayan Sanskar / सीमन्तोनयन संस्कार ₹ 501
KarnaVedha Sanskar / कर्ण वेध संस्कार ₹ 501
New Job Joining / शपथ ग्रहण ₹ 501
Equipment Purchage Muhurat / उपकरण क्रय मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Muhurat for Purchase a Land /Flat /Villa / जमीन /फ्लैट /विला खरीदने का मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Investment Muhurta / निवेश मुहूर्त ₹ 501
Medical Treatment / चिकित्सा उपचार ₹ 501

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