Astrology is like Gravity. You don't have to Believe in it for it to be working in your life.

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About Bhavishya Vichar :

Bhavishya Vichar came into existence on 21 st December, 2015. It is an organization which has been set up for propagating the Vedic System of Astrology and its study.
The Organization was founded by Acharya Krishan Bhardwaj, He is professional with vast knowledge, experience and qualifications in the field of Astrology, Vastu, Karmakand and Palmistry.
The organization also offers various short and long term courses in the field of Astrology & Vastu,
Bhavishya Vichar offers various Innovative Services mainly “Premium Pandit Ji”, “Online Karmakand”, “Pandit Ji on Call”, “Pooja for Corporates”, “Vedic Tourism” and many more Services.
Bhavishya Vichar believe in providing its Services with Excellence, maintaining the higher standards and developing the trust among its Clients. It focuses doing work on traditional things with innovation.
Bhavishya Vichar plans to make the benefits of astrology available to all. Bhavishya Vichar plans to introduce more pioneering and innovative astrological services in the coming days. Please stay tuned to our latest updates.

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What Our Customers Say

Astrology I have never been an idea .it's the actual face of life. I realised when I actually attended astrology predictions by Krishan. It was a mindblowing exercise when each and every prediction was true for the past as well rightly said by him. It was an eye opener for me and I actually started following astrology, it will be a Wonderful experience for life time.

Gajendra Singh

Pt. Krishan Ji is definitely one of the best astrologer of this new generation. Not only he has the ability to make accurate predictions but also he provides appropriate guidance and options conforming to needs and situations. I suggest all to give an opportunity for this organization.

Shobhit Jain

Thank you so much for your detailed analysis of my Horoscope. He is a true professional with compassion and a higher sense of responsibility. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice.

Peeyush Shrimal

Your predictions exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect you to make things so clear. Thank you very much for your response. You are so right about changes occurring in my life.

Jyoti Sharma

Your predictions have been so accurate. Your predictions are amazingly correct, every single word fit right into the truth. I am forever grateful for his service in guiding me.

Subhashish Chakravarti

What I have learned after taking consultation that He is honest in giving predictions and straight away tells what he sees in the charts. He told me by good deeds and by following remedies, problems get reduced. Thankfully I cleared CA final group 2 exam by following him. I strongly recommend taking astrology consultation from Pt. Krishan Bhardwaj Ji

Divya Agarwal

You are always fantastic to me and answer all of my questions every time with higher level of accuracy. You think about others for their constant improvement. You do your work with Excellence, Dedication, Devotion, Sincerely and full of Enthusiasm. Whenever I found myself in any problem, You always guided me in right manner to overcome the Problem. Your way of motivating others is

Meenakshi Horowitz

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