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Vastu Course

This is a 1 year Classroom course conducted mainly in Jaipur at Bhavishya Vichar Institute. Online Teaching facility is also available. Students can learn the Astrology and Vastu according to their convenience. Classes are conducted 3 days in a week. In this course, Students learn various techniqes of Astrology from the various Famous text books of Astrology like, Brihat Parashara Horashastra, Brihat Samhita, Jatak-Parijat, Phaldeepika, Uttarkalamrit, Saravali, Muhurta Chintamani, Laghu Parashari for better understanding & predicting a Horoscope. Students learn various techniqes of vastu from the various text books of vastu like, Maymatam, Mansaar, Samarangan Sutradhar, Vasturaj Vallabh, VIshwakarma Prakash and Brihat Samhita for better understanding a plot / house.

The importance of this course is that, students gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. The Special features of this Course are- Classes are taken through Presentations, Videos & Group Discussion on various Horoscopes and Students learn practical knowledge through live vastu visit. Examples of famous people and celebrities are also covered to give a real feel and connectivity with the subject.

In this course, Students learn unique learning of Astrology, Vastu, and a little Architecture relevant to Vastu in this Course. Astrology teachers and consultants share their knowledge & experience in the classroom. Vastu study on homes, shops, malls, commercial sites, temples, business, historical building, and overall development of landlord, making money, wealth, health & peace of mind is the major focus. In classroom teaching vastu prediction from astrology is a special feature. A special session deals with vastu application in land purchase, land development, land investment, land use, land loan and those who want overall development, wealth management, land management and turning debt in to wealth.

This training makes one competent to works as a successful professional or consultant who earns fabulous income. On successfully completion of this Course, students are awarded Certificate.

Fee Structure of Astrology Courses:

Duration 3 months
Medium English & Hindi
Study material Provided by the Institute
Examination Scheme Examinations are held once.
Course Fees INR 30,000 (Payable in two Installments)
For foreign candidates 850 USD

Course Curriculam: Astrology

Introduction to Vastu

  1. Introduction to Vastu Shastra.
  2. Overview of the History of Vastu Shastra.
  3. Introduction to Vastu Purush.
  4. Introduction to Vishwakarma.
  5. Introduction to Kaalpurush.

Understanding the Vastu

  1. Principles of Vastu.
  2. Introduction to major directions.
  3. Relevance of Five Elements with Vastu.
  4. Land Types- Characteristics & Procedure of Examination.
  5. Description of 45 Deities of Vastu.
  6. Natural Building materials - their use and effects in Vastu.

Understanding Energy Concept in Vastu

  1. Science and Gravitational Energy
  2. Thermal Energy
  3. Geothermal Energy
  4. Cosmic Energy

Vastu & Astrology

  1. Interrelation of Vastu & Horoscope.
  2. Zodiac Signs & Directions.
  3. Planets & Directions.
  4. Identifying the vastu defects from a Horoscope.

Construction Planning in Vastu

  1. Brahm Sthan.
  2. Marm Sthan.
  3. Open Space planning.
  4. Building Design.
  5. Extension & Curtail in the Vastu.
  6. Basements.
  7. Sumps & Borings.
  8. Water Tank, Overhead Tank, Septic Tank & Water flow.
  9. Plants and Greenery.

Orientation of House

  1. Placement of Bed Room , Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, Toilet, Drawing room, Study Room, Puja Room, Store room, Staircase, Servant room, Guest room.
  2. Main Entrance of the House.
  3. Interior design- Placement of Furniture & Electronic Items and Selection of colors.

Vastu Muhurta

  1. Neevsthapana- Muhurta & its Procedure.
  2. Grahpravesh- Muhurta & its Procedure.
  3. Vastu Poojan

Remedial Vaastu

  1. Identifying the Vastu Defects, Rectification of Vastu Defects.
  2. Pyramids: Introduction, Power of Pyramids, Application of Pyramids in Vastu.

Reference Books: Vastu Course

  1. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
  2. Jataka Parijaat
  3. Brihat Samhita
  4. Phaladeepika
  5. Saravali
  6. Uttarakalamrita
  7. Brihajatak
  8. Laghu Parashari
  9. Madhya Parashari
  10. Laghu Jatkam
  11. Bhavartha Ratanakar

Payment Options

Option 1:- Banking Transaction

Fees can be Paid into the account directly by Cash/Cheque/NEFT/RTGS/IMPS Transaction in favour of “Krishan Bhardwaj”. Details of the transaction can be messaged or emailed for the verification.

Bank: State Bank of India
In Favour of: Krishan Bhardwaj
Account Type: Saving
Account No.: 61087058310
IFSC Code: SBIN0031438
Branch: Gautam Marg, Vaishali Nagar
City: Jaipur

Option 2:- Online Payment/UPI Transaction

Fees can be paid through Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay at 7737176751 in favour of “Krishan Bhardwaj”.

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