Astrology is like Gravity. You don't have to Believe in it for it to be working in your life.

Astrology Course

This is a 6 months Classroom course conducted mainly in Jaipur at Bhavishya Vichar Institute. Classes are conducted 4 days in a week. Online Teaching facility is also available. Students can learn the Astrology according to their convenience. Students learn various techniqes of astrology from the various Famous text books of Astrology like, Brihat Parashara Horashastra, Brihat Samhita, Jatak-Parijat, Phaldeepika, Uttarkalamrit, Saravali, Muhurta Chintamani, Laghu Parashari for better understanding & predicting a Horoscope. Astrology teachers and consultants share their knowledge & experience in the classroom.

The importance of this course is that, students gain theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge. The Special features of this Course are- Classes are taken through Presentations, Videos & Group Discussion on various Horoscopes. Examples of famous people and celebrities are also covered to give a real feel and connectivity with the subject.

This training makes one competent to works as a successful professional or consultant who earns fabulous income. On successfully completion of this Course, students are awarded Certificate.

Fee Structure of Astrology Courses:

Duration 6 months
Medium English & Hindi
Study material Provided by the Institute
Examination Scheme Examinations are held once.
Course Fees INR 50,000 (Payable in two Installments)
For foreign candidates 1250 USD

Course Curriculam: Astrology

Basic Astrology

  1. Use of Astrology
  2. Principles of Astrology
  3. Description of planets.
  4. Position of planets in different houses.
  5. Natural significance of planets.
  6. Exalted, debilitated and mool trikona signs of planets.
  7. Description of Constellations.
  8. Tithis & their Lord Deities
  9. State of planets (Mudit, Vriddha etc.)
  10. Mutual relationship of planets.
  11. Sequence of Mahadashas of planets
  12. Lagna Kundli & directions
  13. How to Read a Panchang

Introduction to the Zodiac Signs

  1. Description of 12 zodiac signs (elements, symbol etc.)
  2. Lord of zodiac signs and their characteristics.
  3. Zodiac signs as ascendant and Moon sign.
  4. Impact of ascendant and Moon sign on a person.

Understanding a Horoscope

  1. What is Horoscope?
  2. Description of 12 houses of a horoscope.
  3. Apoklim, Trishadaya, Kendra, Trikona, Panphar Houses.
  4. Factors associated with each house of horoscope.
  5. Basic Karkatva of Planets
  6. Chaturvid Sambandh of Planets
  7. Lordship of planets.
  8. Acquired and Natural significance of planets.
  9. Aspects of planets.
  10. Yogas.
  11. Kendradhipatya Dosh.
  12. Manglik Dosh.
  13. Classification of Dashas.
  14. What is Sudarshan Chakra?

Mathmatical Astrology

  1. Horoscope Making.
  2. Calculation of Dinmaan / Ratrimaan.
  3. Calculation of Mahadasha, Antardasha & Pratyantar Dasha.
  4. Time taken by a planet to travel a zodiac.
  5. Calculation of Shadbala.
  6. Calculation of Ashtakvarga


  1. Uttrayan/ Dakshinayan in Jyotish
  2. Inner and outer planets.
  3. Sayan and Niryan (Sidereal & Tropical Zodiac signs)
  4. Standard time, local time, Sidereal time & Greenwich time.
  5. Surya Grahan & Chandra Grahan
  6. Precession of equinox.
  7. Moon’s Nodes.
  8. Combustion & Retrogression of planets.
  9. Astronomical Terms.
  10. Aadhik/Kshaya Maas in Jyotish

Predictive Astrology

  1. Results of planets in various zodiac signs.
  2. Results of special status of planets (Exalted, debilitated, combust, retrograde).
  3. Understanding the results of aspects.
  4. Importance of Sun & Moon Chart.
  5. Importance of Chalit Bhav Kundali
  6. Understanding the Divisional Charts.
  7. Ashtakvarga and its Significance in Transit.
  8. Matchmaking.
  9. Span of Mahadashas of planets.
  10. Kaal Sarpa Dosha in Jyotish.
  11. Gandmool Dosh.
  12. Panchmahapurush Yogas of Astrology.
  13. Application of dashas for interpreting important events of life.
  14. Importance of shadbal in prediction-Positional, Directional, Time, Motional and Natural Strengths of Planets.
  15. Remedies through Mantra/Dan/Aushadhi, Gem therapy.

Transit and Muhurta

  1. Determination of Muhurta
  2. Importance of Muhurtas and Casting of Important Muhurtas.
  3. Rahu Kaal in South Indian Astrology
  4. Use of Disha Shool
  5. Importance of Choghadiyas.
  6. Result of transit on individual and in general.

Advance Astrology

  1. Judging Improper Horoscope and its correction- To find the date and time of birth of a lost horoscope, to rectify time of birth using past events.
  2. Horary System- Principles of Horary astrology, How to analyze different queries like Theft, Disease, Marriage, Children, Business etc.
  3. Varshphal: Principles of Varshphal, Varsh pravesh, Muntha, 16 yogas, Importance of Year lord in Varshphal, Tripataki chakra, Saham, Mudda dasha calculation and its results.
  4. Mundane Astrology- Political and Social Predictions, Natural Calamity, Drought, Flood and Earthquake.
  5. Gemini Jyotish- Sthir Karaka, Char Karaka, Aspects of Signs & Char Dasha Analysis.

Reference Books: Astrology Course

  1. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra
  2. Jataka Parijaat
  3. Brihat Samhita
  4. Phaladeepika
  5. Saravali
  6. Uttarakalamrita
  7. Brihajatak
  8. Laghu Parashari
  9. Madhya Parashari
  10. Laghu Jatkam
  11. Bhavartha Ratanakar
  1. Bhartiya Jyotish
  2. Jataka Tatwam
  3. Maansagari
  4. Muhurta Chintamani
  5. Muhurat Deepika
  6. Saravartha Chintamani
  7. Shata Panchashika
  8. Tajika Neelakanthi
  9. Gemini Sutram
  10. Gochar Phal Darpan

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